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Corey Atkinson is a leadership, learning and performance specialist who supports companies interested in developing new managers and teams as a strategic priority for business growth. He has coached and trained hundreds of executive leadership teams, managers and supervisors and front-line employees in a variety of leadership topics including performance management, leadership fundamentals, high performance team dynamics, challenging conversation coaching and more.

As VP of Strategic L&D for CSPN – an organizational and development firm specializing in Customer & Employee Experience – he has over 20 years of experience in custom designed learning and development and delivery, and focuses on supporting others to realize their objectives ahead of projected target dates. His primary focus is working with companies seeking a competitive edge – by creating or strengthening their customer experience – both externally and internally.

He has led transformational initiatives across all business dimensions – Leadership Development (LD),  Employee Experience (EX), Customer Experience (CX) and Customer Service & Success (CSS)  – that have impacted thousands of employees across North America. His speaking, coaching and consultive service have been  provided to the private and public sector at both the municipal and federal level, as well as in both union and non-unionized environments.

He has coached and trained over 10,000 professionals from all industries and worked with over 500 organizations. A highly sought-after learning consultant, facilitator and coach – he has designed, developed and delivered highly engaging and effective learning initiatives that include developing leaders, building personal networks, increasing emotional intelligence, managing diversity, developing communication and presentation skills, managing change, and building effective team.  He is a Certified Master Trainer of Personality Dimensions® and other professional development tools and able to administer assessment tools  such as The Leadership Circle, DiSC Classic Profile®, Team Dimensions Profile® and HRDQ What’s My Style Assessment Series.

Corey’s expertise is in experiential and immersive approaches to leading change, learning, creatively designing sessions to maximize interaction and self-discovery. Passionate about helping others build skills and strategies, he has delivered many in person training, virtual training, webinars and courses, keynote presentations and customized learning solutions for business across every industry. Some of those organizations include BMO, Miele, LCBO, Oxford Properties, Purolator, Sick Kids, Shell Canada, Provincial & Municipal Governments, Aviva Insurance and more.

Corey has written numerous articles, interviewed leaders across industries and has a monthly podcast called The Journey To Leadership.  Through his natural ability to connect, Corey proposes countless ways to acquire and use skills to evolve, grow and excel.  The unifying theme of his work is: “The more we understand the principles of human nature – what makes people tick – the more effectively we can bring out the best in others, whether they are co-workers, employees, or customers.”

Areas of Expertise

  • Leadership Coaching & Development
  • Management Development
  • Fundamentals Of Supervision
  • Coaching For Performance
  • Recognition Strategies
  • Building Team Relationships
  • Sales Strategies
  • Customer Relationship Management Strategies
  • Fundamentals of Customer Centricity
  • Creating High Performance Teams
  • Presentation & Facilitation Skills
  • Change Management
  • Conflict Resolution Strategies

Service Excellence & Beyond 

Webinar Series

In times of uncertainty, being able to connect with customers is critical for short and long term success. And given our current global situation – many of us must move to virtual offerings or shift our in-person transactions – to connect and continue to deliver to the expectations of all our customers. Consequently, service excellence and customer centricity are becoming more challenging yet more important.

So, what does customer-centricity look like for leaders and organizations today? And how can businesses take all of this one step further and differentiate themselves?

Get the answers you need in this must-attend CSPN Service Excellence & Beyond Webinar Series to get the competitive advantage your people and business needs. Delivered by Corey Atkinson, VP of Strategic Learning & Development, CTDP, the webinar series will expand and establish the new level of customer-centricity that is required to engage customers in the age of inflated expectations.

Each of the Service Excellence & Beyond sessions will explore the necessary practices of customer-centricity excellence for organizational competitiveness.

1.Service Excellence & Resilience
2.Service Excellence & Culture
3.Customer Centricity Framework 2021
4.Connecting & Collaborating With Customers
5.Working With Difficult Customers
6.Service Excellence & Emotional Intelligence


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