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Effective Managers™

Accountable Change for Improved Performance

Helping organizations improve the effectiveness of managers.

Yes, you are successful. But there are irritants.

Projects are late, over budget, and don’t meet all expected deliverables. Strategic initiatives aren’t getting traction. Process handovers sometimes fail hurting customer relations. Decisions aren’t being implemented in a timely way. Important tasks are left undone.

You are not alone. The good news is that even successful companies suffer from these issues. Imagine if you could overcome these problems. How much more successful could you be?

We have developed a webinar speaker series to address these issues specifically. Typically only available in major consulting processes, we have created a one-day interactive session to help participants understand the root cause issues of underperformance.

In this workshop, we will use The Effective Point of Accountability® model to show you how to improve your team’s performance. We will then introduce you to the best practices in change management, and with the use of a Manager’s Handbook for Organization Change, will help participants understand how to effectively implement change.

The Accountable Organization

Over 60% of all major change programs fail to deliver the intended results. Whether you are a manager, executive or the owner / CEO, this is a major issue. This module focuses on the essential element that is often overlooked: your role in implementation.

Accountable Change

In this webinar series, you will be introduced to the concepts of successful change management. Creating a culture of accountability takes effort and perseverance. Participants will receive the knowledge to be able to carry out transformational change.

“These principles apply at team, department and organizational levels. The workshop is designed to be of value to owners, CEOs, executives and managers as they can be applied at the organization, department and team levels.”

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