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At Corporate Event Centre, we offer rental of ready-to-go workspaces for periods ranging from a day to several weeks.

When using Office Space on Demand from Corporate Event Centre, you are receiving a professional location that use the best and latest technology, all at an affordable price. Our location also provides easy access via major highways and proximity to the airport, so clients visiting from out of town won’t have to travel far from their accommodations.

Our Day Offices Include:

  • Weekday access to your office as well as our meeting spaces
  • 24/7 surveillance
  • High speed Internet
  • Competitive pricing
  • Flexible contract terms with month to month options available
  • Flexible add-on features and services as needed
  • Access to our onsite café for you and your guests



$25/ DAY


Our Dedicated Desks are your own private and dedicated work station. It’s the perfect place to get work done well. It gives you the private workspace to get things done, conveniently located throughout the facility and equipped with charging ports and WiFi connectivity.

Ideal for solo professionals looking for a secure space and privacy, with available on-site staff in a beautifully designed and well-lit work environment. Dedicated desk rentals are convenient, affordable, reliable, and obligation-free.



$35/ DAY


If you have a home-based office, you may require an alternate location from time to time. A day office is the best option for you. A day office space provides a quiet workspace. At Corporate Event Centre, we offer rental of ready-to-go workspaces for periods ranging from a day to several weeks.

For home-based businesses, a professional environment is often preferred. Make a home for your business with a day office in our centre. Day office rentals are convenient, affordable, reliable, and obligation-free.



$45/ DAY


Our private office for 2 is designed with collaboration in mind. Whether it’s to share with a colleague or meet with a client, you can simply walk in and get to work.

Make a home for your business. Our serviced offices have everything taken care of so you can focus on driving your business forward. Private office rentals are convenient, affordable, reliable, and obligation-free. Conduct your meetings in a professional setting. 

Why Choose Our Day Offices for Rent?

Everything you need to get to work

Our workspace comes with all the furniture, services and details taken care of. An experienced on-site support team is on hand throughout the day to make sure everything always works smoothly. Simply walk in and get to work – driving your business forward.

A flexible choice for business

Our workspace solutions are supporting businesses of all sizes. All our office space is available on flexible terms, so you can add more space and even move location – wherever you need to be.


Space that works hard for you

Our bright, inspiring office spaces are designed to help teams of all sizes do their best work. Move into ready-to-use space, or personalise the layout and furniture to reflect your business culture.


Wi-Fi and technology

Utilize our wireless Internet access in all rooms, built-in audio-visual equipment, teleconferencing capabilities, electrical outlets, and on-site technical support.


Corporate Event Centre at CHSI offers guests ample complimentary parking with approximately 500 available spots surrounding the facility. We are also easily accessible by transit.

Mailroom and printing services

Whether you require photocopying, fax, or a courier, we can meet your needs with our full business services. Printing and mail distribution facilities are available on-site.

Onsite Café

Wide selection of beverages and chef-inspired menu served fresh everyday.

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