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SANDY is Founder and Partner of RF Success Academy – a powerful organization passionate about and dedicated to helping people master dream goal achievement!

RFSA, led by Sandy and her business partner and Co-Founder Karen Fiorini (an incredible duo deeply committed to their clients’ success) offers a journey through the most life changing teachings in the world and in a possibility and achievement oriented community of like-minded people – all going after big changes in their lives. That’s an amazingly powerful vibration to be in!

As an Elite Level Success Coach working with legendary Bob Proctor, Sandy and her team roll up their sleeves to work with you creating new paths to success. After experiencing high level success and leadership both as a highly sought after Physiotherapist and in Corporate Canada, Sandy struggled as an entrepreneur and couldn’t figure out why. After being immersed in Bob’s success system, and guided through it, her life changed dramatically such that she is now one of Bob’s top coaches showing people how to achieve the same transformation.

Sandy is an inspirational mentor, motivator, international keynote speaker and is passionate about helping people and businesses harness the tremendous talent and power within in order to achieve unprecedented levels of success.

“It’s in us all to achieve extraordinary, magical life successes, and we’ll show you how in the most phenomenal environment you’ve ever experienced. Together We Thrive!”

Sandy also has 2 fur babies, a wonderful family, loves wine, her cottage, and Harry Potter!